Bunsen Hybrid

Bunsen Air Hybrid

The Bunsen Air Hybrid system is a concept that takes two of our Bunsen Air Thermodynamics systems installed alongside a Smart intelligent Tank-In-Tank water cylinder which takes over the heating of your hot water and contributes towards the heating of your home.

The Bunsen Air Hybrid uses a Smart cylinder to allow the Bunsen Air units to heat both you hot water and your central heating water. Your existing heating system becomes a back-up to the Bunsen Air, kicking in if the heating demands exceed the Bunsen Air capacity.

The Concept?

The Bunsen Air Hybrid system is a combination of three existing technologies, your existing heating source i.e. combi boiler, Thermodynamics and a smart Tank-In-Tank water cylinder which are all brought together in a very clever way.By bringing all these technologies together the Bunsen Air Hybrid system can generate 100% of your hot water needs and significantly reduce the need of using your existing heating source (Fossil Fuels) to heat your home.

You already have a working heating system – but you would like to use a low cost renewable heat source. The Bunsen Air Hybrid uses the Tank-in Tank system to use renewable technology to heat your hot water and space heating water, making your existing heating system the back-up if additional demand is required.The Bunsen Air Hybrid is non-invasive to your existing heating system – so you keep the radiators you have already (unless you fancy an upgrade!).


How Does It Work?

When the system first turns on we use your existing heat source i.e. combi boiler that will heat the cylinder to a pre-set temperature. With the Smart Tank-In-Tank cylinder heating the cylinder with your existing heat source is extremely fast. Once the hot water reaches it target temperature your existing heating source turns off and the Bunsen Air system takes over sustaining the temperature throughout the day or night at a much lower running cost.

The Bunsen Air systems are a very low energy heating system, so you run your heating at a lower temperature than when using fossil fuel heating. If you do need that extra boost, then your existing boiler will kick in to help out.



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