Squirrel Pod

The UK's Only Self Sufficient Energy Saving Battery Storage System 100% Renewable Energy 24 Hours A Day

Squirrel POD works with octopus energy to harvest cheap renewable energy, ready to use whenever you need it.

Squirrel POD is completely automatic, so will choose the cheapest times to charge.

For more information on the Octopus Energy tariffs we recommend this independent website www.energy-stats.co.uk

If you choose another variable tariff provider, you can simply manually set your SquirrelPOD to charge according to their low rate periods.


Selecting The Right System For You

The key to designing the right size system for you is to understanding your energy usage and how you use your energy so we can determine your “PEAK LOAD” of the day.

Peak Load is where you are using the maximum of your energy to power your appliances at a certain time(s) of the day. By understanding your Peak Load we can determine what size system to specify for your property.


  • Cheapest Electricity Rates When you need them the most – Squirrel Pod will always find the cheapest rates
  • Reduce Your Energy Bills – Independently tested & verified by Energy Stats UK 
  • Always Green – Charge Your Batteries With 100% Renewable Energy
  • Charge & Discharge rates starting from 3.6kW to 14.4 kW
  • Built-in UPS In The Event Of A Power Cut – Power you home if the Grid fails
  • You’re In control – Choose When You Want To Charge Your Batteries – Afternoon or Night
  • Tomorrows Energy Price Today
  • Future Proof – Future Proof Against Energy Price Rises by charging your batteries always on the cheapest rates
  • You Don’t Need Solar
  • Benefit From Renewable Energy Day & Night – “You Can’t Do That With Solar”
  • Increase Charge & Discharge Rate – The most flexible battery storage solution.
  • Unlimited Number Of Batteries Per System – If you need more power Just add another battery
  • 10 Years Warranty – Unlike all other systems on the market that provide a 5 year warranty, the manufacturer provides a 10 Year warranty as standard to both there AC and Hybrid controllers. This means at all the components engineered into the controllers are guaranteed to work for a minimum of 10yrs, the m,anufacturer also offers a further 10 years warranty at a cost to give you 20 years of cover.
  • Remote Upgrading – Firmware And Parameter Upgrading on both the controller and batteries
  • Future Support  

"Nigel Gets Paid For The Second Month In A Row For Using Electricity"

Nigel Holmes was the first in the UK to take part in this new concept and the results are “OUTSTANDING”
As you can see from the copies of his April & May energy Bill Nigel was in fact paid for using electricity in his property.

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