PV Panel

PV Panel

The Big Green Beard can supply a wide range of PV panel solutions.

Don’t get too confused about the different types of panels. In simple terms you can get different amounts of power from different panel sizes. But overall you will pay more for panels with higher output per square meter than lower output, which makes sense really.

There are options of types of cells produced in PV panels, Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline cells offer slightly different power levels, and can have a bearing on the final colour of the panels.

Standard PV panels are manufactured with silver frames, and the cells of the panels on a white back sheet. As the cells are blue in colour, the overall affect is a light blue panel. However black frames are also available, and the back sheet can also be black, giving an overall appearance of a black panel – although truly they are really a very dark blue!

PV panels generally come with very long warranties from the manufacturers. Typically you will have 10-12 years on the structure of the panel – the hardware – and 20 years on the performance of the cells.

Different types of PV panels come to the top of the market at different times. In general all of the main brands are very solid and very reliable.

PV panels are simple – just get in touch with us to find out more!

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