Harnitek Air Source Heat Pumps

Next Generation Efficiency
Introducing Harnitek’s range of A+++ R32 Heat pumps. All units are fully accredited
at Low and medium heat outputs. Market leading SCOP of 4.7 meaning exceptional year round performance and faster recovery times.

Performance Hub Gateway
All Harnitek Smart Hub units can be linked to the internet through the integrated Modem. The online Performance Hub Gateway gives end users and installers a fully programmable platform for programming the system and optimising efficiency of performance.

Touch Screen LED
Harnitek Smart Hub units have a large simple to use touch screen LED controller. Basic quick functions and extended system analysis can be carried out directly through the screen.

Lightweight units
Lightweight outdoor units makes handling and installing the outdoor units manageable for 2 engineers. Suitable for easy wall mounting options without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Quiet Operation
Harnitek heat pumps are exceptionally quiet, rated at only 38db at 2.1m. It is hard to define how quiet something is, but we are confident you will be astonished at the performance. Settings allow additional ‘quiet mode’ for the most sensitive locations.

UK Technical Support and training
Harnitek heat pumps are supported by
a UK based training and support centre. Harnitek installations should be successful first and every time, with system
support carried out remotely using the Performance Hub Gateway.

Hybrid Compatible.
Harnitek heat pumps also control any secondary heating source. Simply connect to the Smart Hub to allow secondary sources to contribute to your overall heating demand.

Simple installation
Harnitek heat pumps have simplicity of installation & maintenance at the core of their design. Many of the technical aspects of heat pump installation are pre-assembled into the Smart Hub, saving installation
time and allowing all key components to be monitored via the Performance Hub Gateway.

Full Range Renewable Energy Products

Harnitek Heat Pumps

  • The Big Green Beard. deal directly with the manufacturers of all the green energy systems we represent. For this reason, we maintain strong trade relationships, real time data and product information, alongside detailed understanding of the solar energy systems we supply.

  • Our extensive knowledge surrounding the renewable heating systems we distribute make us one of the UK’s top technical support experts, providing one to one technical support to all of our partners in trade.

  • Whether you are a commercial or domestic heating engineer, we can provide you with the ideal renewable system for 6kW to 1mW +.

  • We are the official UK representatives and trade partners of Harnitek, Lux Power & Solamics,

  • Our influence over the design and functionality of our renewable energy products in their development stage ensures a product that is ideal for the installer and end user.

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Harnitek Heat Pumps

Simply the most installer friendly air source heat pumps available.

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