Sep 10, 2019
How much space does a heat pump need?

Heat pumps require a bit more space than a traditional wall-hung boiler system. The hot water cylinder is often located next to the system, rather than elsewhere in an airing cupboard. It’s important to plan a dedicated area (plant room) for the equipment. Possible solutions for a plant room are utility rooms, garages, basements, or possibly a detached outbuilding.  

For the fan unit itself, you need adequate space on the outside of an external wall. This must be free from nearby obstacles and be located at least one metre from the property boundary (as per official planning rules). The size of the box depends on the size of the system and the manufacturer. However, most domestic air source heat pump units don’t exceed 1 x 1.5 metres, and are less than 0.5 metres in depth. Speak to one of our advisors about your options.

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