Retro Fit systems

The Bunsen Air can be retro fit to existing hot water cylinders. There are generally two types of hot water cylinders – Pressurized and Non Pressurized.

Non Pressurized cylinders will have a (black) header tank somewhere in the property. This Header tank is used to create water pressure down to the cylinder. These cylinders are very basic, often with a green foam insulation attached. When installing a Bunsen Air using these cylinders it is very important to ensure that there is sufficient pressure created from the Header tank, if not then this can cause air to get into the water system. Often, although not always, customers take the installation of the Bunsen Air system as an opportunity to upgrade their hot water system by installation a pressurised cylinder and removing the old one.

Pressurized cylinders are very common in UK homes. These are a simple fit to add a Bunsen Air system. Because the system is already pressurised, the Bunsen Air can be installed anywhere in relation to the cylinder. It is important to remember that stored water will now be at 53 degrees rather than up at 70 degrees with fossil fuelled heating, so on occasion a larger cylinder can be fitted. Modern Unvented (pressurised) cylinders are extremely efficient and have typically up to 20 year warranties on installation.


Tank in Tank cylinders

Where the Bunsen Air units are being used for space heating as well as hot water, then a Tank in tank cylinder may be used to achieve both forms of heating.

The tank in tank means if you are heating for one purpose then you may as well heat both at the same time – very logical really. The design is the same as having a hot water cylinder, and a buffer cylinder for the central heating all in one vessel.

These cylinders come in a range of sizes – 210 ltr, 240 ltr and 300 ltrs.

The heat transfer from the outer area to heat the internal potable water is extremely fast due to the large surface area. Therefore as the heat recovery is so fast, a larger volume of potable water is not so necessary.

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